Interface ArtibotConfig

Configuration object for Artibot


ArtibotConfigBuilder for an easy way to generate this




  • ArtibotConfig


[key: string]: any


advancedCorePing: boolean

Set to false if you want to hide advanced infos from ping commands

botIcon: string

URL of the profile picture of the bot

botName: string

Name of the Discord bot. Used almost everywhere.

checkForUpdates: boolean

Set to false if you don't want the bot to check for new updates

debug: boolean

Set to true to show debug messages in console

devMode: boolean

Set to false if the bot must be used in more than one server. Interactions could take more time to refresh.

embedColor: ColorResolvable

Color for the embeds sent by the bot

lang: string

Set the lang of the bot

ownerId: string

Discord ID of the owner of the bot

prefix: string

Prefix for the commands

pterodactylReadyMessage: string

Set a custom ready trigger message for Pterodactyl

testGuildId: string

Discord ID of the testing guild

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