Class Command

Command part for a module




aliases: string[] = []

List of alternative names

args: number = 0

Minimum amount of arguments

cooldown: number = 0

Minimum time (in seconds) between usages

description?: string

Description of the command

execute: ((...args: any[]) => Promise<void>)

Type declaration

    • (...args: any[]): Promise<void>
    • The function when the part is executed


      • Rest ...args: any[]

      Returns Promise<void>

guildOnly: boolean = true

If the command can only be executed in a guild

id: string

ID of the part

init: undefined | ((artibot: Artibot) => Promise<void>)

The function executed on bot startup

name: string

Name of the command

ownerOnly: boolean = false

If the command can only be executed by the owner of the bot

permissions?: PermissionResolvable

Required permissions

usage?: string

Help text on how to use the command

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